Business-beneficial data

Reveal prepares statistics on the use of pharmaceuticals to help health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, public administrations, and pharmacies to make their businesses more efficient and competitive.

As the population grows older, it will become all the more important to understand the role of medicine in society.

The pharmaceutical market primarily consists of patients, health care providers, pharmacies, government bodies, and pharmaceutical companies. For all of these actors, consumption and sales statistics on pharmaceuticals is of vital importance. Some of them need reliable data to be able to provide or consume high-quality, cost-efficient, and equal health care. Others need to be able to identify behavioral patterns among patients, evaluate medical goals, and predict what pharmaceutical consumption will look like in the future. Yet others need to be able to analyze prices, market shares, geographical differences, and therapeutical areas, or evaluate marketing campaigns.

Lately, many health care facilities have been privatized, and, in Sweden, the state monopoly on pharmacies has been deregulated. At the same time, demands for quality have grown, while patients have become more aware of the different health care and therapeutic alternatives that are available to them. These changes have rendered the market more complex and competitive than ever, and the demand for statistics on the use of pharmaceuticals and other services within e-health will only keep growing in the future.