Customized data volumes

The amount of data required varies with the needs of each individual customer. In close communication with our clients, we tailor our deliveries of data with regard to the size of the market, proper historical depth, as well as geographical and temporal detail.

We price our services in relation to how much data the customer requires. The information provided can be customized with regard to the level of aggregation, the amount of historical data, and the market segments that are to be covered.

As an example, changes in consumption patterns can be studied yearly or daily to analyze trends over longer or shorter periods of time. Likewise, the data can be sorted with different levels of detail in terms of geography and market segments. Higher resolutions and longer historical records require more data. It is also possible to exclude different markets to regulate the amount of information provided.

With access to high-resolution data from several markets, our customers can customize their statistical selections in accordance with their preferred level of detail. The information is presented geographically at the national, sales district, county, or brick level. Our products can also visualize the market on either of the ATC1 or ATC5 levels. Analyses of time series are presented with yearly, quarterly, or monthly resolution, giving the customer the ability to make his or her selections and zoom in or out on the data.

We also deliver ready-made statistical reports or raw data exports for requested markets with a customized level of detail.