High-quality data

Reveal has access to high-quality data sources with business-critical information for all actors within the field. As an example, we know what pharmaceuticals are sold, when, in what quantity, and at what price.

Mining data to expose business advantages is one of our specialties, and through the years we have been able to build a stable statistical platform that collects and integrates information from a large number of sources. For our customers, it is important to always have access to the latest information, regardless of source. It is a matter of course for us to update our system on a daily basis with new data from all of our sources.

Our primary data source for sales statistics contains daily, up-to-date transactional information from nearly all pharmacies in Sweden. Data updated on a daily basis makes it possible to get quick feedback in the course of competitive bidding processes or when new products and therapeutic methods are launched. Before Reveal entered the market, actors in the field often had to wait until next month to gauge their sales performance. Our daily updates have become a new, highly appreciated standard that many customers now take for granted.

Our system updates detect new data from all of our data sources, noticing when new products are made available on the market, when prices change, when new information regarding public bidding is released, or when award decisions are made or altered.