Up-to-date data

We update our database with new data every morning, enabling our customers to monitor  developments on the market closely . Early access to market indicators is especially useful in the initial phases of new contracts or when launching new products and therapeutic methods.

Actors selling pharmaceuticals on the Swedish market have to report sales information to the Swedish eHealth Agency (EHM) on a regular basis. With a high level of detail and coverage ratio, this data shows what pharmaceuticals have been sold, in what quantity, to what price, and by which pharmacy. The Swedish eHealth Agency’s data source is unique in the world in that all data is reported on a daily basis and without further delays.

Used the right way, the information provided by the agency is of major social value and makes it possible for health care actors to predict developments on the market and conduct their business more efficiently. The agency is responsible for maintaining this system and conveying pharmaceutical statistics to county councils and other public authorities. However, private actors have to turn to a licensed reseller to get access to the raw data.

We also collect additional data from several other sources within the health care market. As an example, we get information from the county councils and several other government bodies apart from the Swedish eHealth Agency, such as the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV), the Medical Products Agency (LV), the National Board of Health and Welfare, Statistics Sweden (SCB), and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL). In other words, we are well-supplied with data for conducting analyses within the health care sector.