Analytical tools

Reveal develops web-based, interactive tools for analyzing data. Our applications are designed to present relevant information as efficiently as possible; our customers usually describe them as easy-to-use and time-saving.



We collect up-to-date statistics and prepare customized reports to make sure that relevant parties always have access to relevant information at the right point in time. Our reports are a popular complement to our analytical tools.



Putting our competence within big data and health care to use, we perform customized healthcare analyses. In close communication with the customer, we present information that makes it easier to reach well-informed decisions.



In our exports, we customize and prepare raw data for fast and easy import into our customers’ IT systems, giving them access to up-to-date information. The files are often fairly large and transferred via SFTP.


Customer support

Our support desk helps our customers use our products as efficiently as possible. Through quick and knowledgeable service, it has become very popular among our clients.



Reveal offers courses on-site and online with helpful advice on how to best use our products and analyze pharmaceutical statistics. Our courses are a popular way of increasing the general level of knowledge within an organization and make sure that our services reach everyone.